Keywords: new beginnings, fresh start, taking a risk, new experiences

Most decks represent The Fool with someone at the edge of a cliff. Sometimes that person is blindfolded, unknowing what is coming next. Others they are looking elsewhere and not fully paying attention.

All have the same premise, The Fool is starting his journey not fully aware. We don’t know what is at the bottom of the cliff, but the leap is happening.

The Fool is the card before card one. It is the preamble, the prequel, the true beginning. The fool is embarking on a new journey without fear and embracing all that lies ahead- because it is card 0…they have no idea that life is an up and down battle.

In my life, The Fool has brought me closer and closer to myself. It was the moment I decided a relationship was smothering who I actually was, the moment I left teaching and went to grad school, and the moment I accepted the job in the career I truly wanted. What all of those pieces in time in my life have in common is that I had absolutely no idea what waited for me on the other side. I had never lived by myself and I had never truly been single- but I leaped. I leaped and had some of my hardest days in life. I realized very quickly how lonely being alone can be- but also learned how fun it is to become your own person and learn what that means. Leaving teaching was a relief and a shock- my only plan after I left was to go to grad school and I had absolutely no fucking clue what I was going to do after. I ended up taking part time position with a company I wanted to work for and drove 2 hours to get there, stayed with friends when I had to work late, made barely enough to cover my bills, and found something I am truly passionate about. I made some of my best and deepest friendships during this time and it all started with a (slightly) blind leap.

When The Fool shows up, it is a sign that now is the time. Embrace this open energy and step out into the adventure. It might take a risk, but the reward is worth it. Dive in.