Upright: action, creative energy, manifesting

Reversed: Failing to act, lack of progress, poor planning

The Magician is often represented by a man holding one arm outstretched. It is card number one in the tarot deck, representing a beginning. The start of something. It is what happens after The Fool takes the leap into the unknown.

Upright: This is the momentum that carries us past the leap. The energy that keeps creative juices and ideas flowing allowing us to manifest, react, and create. The magician has the tools in his belt and tricks up his sleeve to allow us to get the shit of our dreams done with rapid ass energy.

In my life, the Magician is what pushed me through grad school while having a full time job. Especially during the summer when my workload at work increased significantly. I essentially spent three summer months existing in this rapid energy of getting shit done and once that graduation day hit, we partied and then I hibernated. Magician energy is exhausting, but it is rewarding. I kept thinking there wouldn’t be enough time to do it all, but he finds it.

When The Magician pops up; embrace the chaotic energy, the creative ideas that arrive, and the get-shit-done attitude.

Reversed: The Magician reversed is not taking action. It is having our ideas and not properly planning them. It is seeing little to no progress on our goals and not knowing what to do. There is a lack of clarity with your goals and time needs to be spent sitting on that.

This has represented much of Summer 2020 for me. I have lots of ideas and I want all this abundance, but there is a serious lack of execution and progress.

When the Magician reversed shows up in a reading, I think it is a time to truly visit your goals. Think about why you are stuck, how you can get unstuck, and what about your goals might need to change.