I started this journey of Apricity Alchemy with the goal of motivating myself to learn some shit. My thought was: if I learn it and then explain it to my tiny amount of IG followers.. I will learn it even better and someone might think it is cool. The dream is that what you have to say resonates with someone out there in the world and what you create improves their life just as much as it improves yours and I was off to chase that feeling.


Ask me how much I have learned about astrology since coming home from my amazing birthday trip. Or how much more comfortable I am reading tarot for others. Or how my website is coming along.

It has been an absolute struggle to motivate myself to sit and immerse myself into things I want to learn. I was stuck in an anxiety tilt-a-whirl and unable to find the exit.

Strangely enough, I might not have learned anything remotely new about astrology or gotten my website close to the vision of beauty in my mind, but I have learned some new things. I am far more emotionally capable than I have ever been my entire life. I can handle things with much more logic (eventually…once the emotions pass) and find the positive side of things (some days that one takes longer). I have learned to slow down and REST when my body is tired. I now enjoy drying flowers, roasting my own coffee beans, and walking my dog to Starbucks. Essentially- I am learning to unwind the ball of stress and embrace the fuckshit going on around us.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, I think we would all be surprised at how much about ourselves we have learned-both good and bad. I wish I held the answer as to how to get shit done during a pandemic no matter what the mood is…but I think of all the things I have learned, the most important has been that the goal right now is to make it through the day knowing that you did your absolute best. If you made it to the end and it wasn’t your best, then just focus on the fact that you made it and attempt to make the next day better.

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