Today we enter the twin flame energy of Gemini Season for what will probably be a weird 30ish days (because the world hasn’t been weird enough for that past two months…right?). Gemini are social butterflies and their season is usually filled with tons of social outings and we all currently have cabin fever….so things could get interesting and already are with many states reopening.

This is a time to be *smart* about being social. Both in terms of reopening and re-entering society but also being honest with your communication. Gemini’s twins are often seen as two-faced…so don’t fall into the lying trap as Venus(Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto) is also retrograde. Big yikes- boundaries are real, make sure to nicely enforce them.

It is an airy season (see what I did there)- so be forgiving if you double book yourself or forget plans. With so much communication going on, it is difficult to absorb it all.

Shake off the comfort (and eating in bed) of Taurus season and embrace the energetic vibes of Gemini season (safely of course… I would appreciate everyone except the inner circle staying 6 feet away from me moving forward).

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