Building a relationship with a new tarot deck takes some time and effort- just like a real relationship. Even if you aren’t new to tarot, a new deck needs to be ‘broken in’ per se.

  1. Cleanse the Deck

First things first- cleanse that shit. Get all the vibes from the store off and introduce your own (that sounds gross…not like that). Smudge the deck with sage or palo santo. Let it chill with some quartz or selenite. If there is a full moon- you lucky duck, spread the cards out on a windowsill and let them bask in the moonlight over night. As you cleanse, set some intentions. Think about your goals for these cards and what you want to discover with them. (This absolutely does not mean they will give you the answer you want, FYI). After you cleanse, give them a super good shuffle.

2. Flip through the cards

Sit and go through them all to get yourself familiar to the images.

3. Do a Tarot Spread

Ask the deck what it wants to teach you and pull some cards to see what it has to say.

4. Do a Daily Draw

This is what truly helped in my journey of learning tarot. Every morning, I would pull one tarot card and one oracle card (Postcards from Liminal Space or Starseed Oracle). I wrote the cards in my journal and went about my day. That night when I was winding down, I would open the journal and get those cards out and reflect on my day and the cards meaning. Seeing repeating patterns was interesting (until you *keep* getting the Tower or Death over and over again and you want to scream at the Universe that you *get* it, but that is another topic).

5. Journal

Write that shit down. Write down every spread you do and what it means to you. Write the date. Write the astrology of that day. Flip back through it. Some weeks, I would do a recap on Sunday of what I pulled that week and what happened. It both made me see my bad habits (and good ones) and the repetition of the cards applied to different scenarios was super helpful.

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