One of the greatest things about Tarot is the absolute freedom in it. There are SO MANY spreads to choose from and you can even make your own. It can be overwhelming to see all the different spreads and some are HUGE. I quickly learned I often don’t have the attention span for 10+ card spreads, and that is okay. Test thing out, create some rituals, and start reading.

Daily Draw

This is a super easy way to get to know your deck. Give it a good shuffle, ground youself with a deep breath, and pull one card. If you also have an oracle deck- feel free to pull one of those as well. Write the card(s) you pulled in your planner or journal to track patterns and learn.

Two Card Spreads

These are great for simple questions and quick clarifications for life.

Three Card Spreads

Just like the two card spread, it is generally useful for questions we have. The options are pretty limitless for what the cards can be pulled for here- substitutions are welcome!

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