‘Ritual’ is a heavily used word in the world of magical things. Most of magic is a ritual, and I don’t mean gathering 5 of your best friends and holding brooms in the shape of a pentagram (unless you are into that kind of thing, then go off sis).

A ritual is simply a sequence of activities that you repeat. Some of us have morning rituals without even realizing it- and some of us that morning ritual is simply screaming “fuck” before getting out of bed and making coffee. The moral is, rituals are personal. They are for you and you alone, so make it what feels good to you and roll with it.

There is no prescribed way to start and end your tarot session, but here are somethings I have enjoyed that you may take what you need, change it up to suit you, and leave what you don’t like. šŸ™‚

Set the space

Clear off a table or counter, go outside, sit on the floor, or lay out a cloth. The theme here is the space is cleared and the intention is throwing down some cards. Burn some sage/palo santo if you are into that or light a candle. Release your emotions and clear your mind. I like to read with no music playing- which is very out of my normal. I don’t have a singular space that I read, but the vibe is always the same.

Shuffle the Cards

Sounds obvious. Some people just keep shuffling until it feels good, others have a specific number of shuffles. Sometimes I just throw the cards on the floor and mix them up. Sometimes I try and fail to do the one handed shuffle thing that so many people can do.

As you shuffle, think about your question or intention for the cards. Think about who you are reading for if it isn’t yourself. Ask for guidance. Let that be the only thing residing in your mind.

If you are into crystals, throw a crystal matching your intention/question on top of the deck to charge it while you take a few deep breaths.

Read a Mantra or Mini-Meditation

This isn’t something I do every reading, but at least once a week when I’m feeling it or have the time or need it, I will open the book Dear Universe by Sarah Prout randomly and read the mini-manifestation. Sometimes I open This is Just What it’s Like Sometimes by Neghar Fonooni to a random chapter and read some of her beautiful words before I pull some cards. Others, I will grab a book of poems and read one. They often find something I had buried deep in my mind and it is always what is needed in that moment.

Pull the Cards

If I am using a spread I am not familiar with or don’t have memorized, right before I pull the cards I usually look at it once more and read the questions to myself and then dive in. Otherwise, I think of my question or intention and pull away. Once the cards are out, take a deep breath and simply look at the images for the meaning. If you need to use a resource for some guidance, go for it. This is a judgement free zone. Sit and ponder, pull out the journal, and write it all out.

The true moral here, is to find what works for you- like all things in life. Find it, then do the damn thing.

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