It is crazy how life is one giant circle. As a child, I was an avid collector of rocks I found on my adventures, a lover of the stars, and always had something in my pocket “to protect me” (a small bear did the trick for a while). As an adult…I can say the exact same statement but with cooler words.

I have many passions in life- books, music, and coffee would be the top three. I don’t go a day (or an hour while awake, to be honest) without one of those happening. I’m always reading a book (or three) and absolutely always have one with me. Harry Potter is my all time favorite, followed closely by Pride & Prejudice.

As a Pisces sun, Cancer moon, and Virgo rising millennial- I will get shit done, but I will be emotional. The sass is very real and the side eye is perfected. I thrive when I have time alone to do a million self-care rituals (aka face masks, tarot, and journal). Yet, I also love having a planner full of events, concerts, and things to do-it is a tricky balance that I pretty much always get wrong.

I love learning new things and helping others learn new things (or just having other people think what I say is great…because who doesn’t love attention?). The goal of Apricity Alchemy was to create a judgement free zone for myself to learn all that I can get my hands on about astrology and tarot and to hopefully help someone else in the world learn as well.

It’s a slow journey, but we can all go through it together.